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6 Tips For Decluttering After A Move

Congrats on your new home! All the annoying legal work is done, and all that’s left is one final daunting task: moving and unpacking. 

6 Tips For Decluttering After A Move

6 Tips For Decluttering After A Move

While some people prefer to declutter before they move, sometimes time constraints and other responsibilities hinder that task. If you felt overwhelmed while packing and just realized how much stuff you have accumulated over the years, decluttering as you unpack will help create space for the future. Letting go of clutter will help clear your mind and make a cozy home instead of cramped. 

1. Assess Each Item 

As you pull each item out of a box, consider its relevance to your life. Is it sentimental? Do you consistently use it? Does it have a purpose in your life? 

2. Take Note of Dusty Items 

If you have something covered in dust because it sat in the back of your pantry for years unused, it may be time to let it go. It could also be a fun surprise and open up opportunities you didn’t realize were collecting dust. You will have to decide if it sat unused and will continue to sit unused or if you will make space for it to incorporate into your life. 

3. Collect with Intention  

Most of us have a “just in case” drawer. While this can be useful for storing random items you need occasionally but not consistently, it can easily overflow with trash and unusable items. A move is a great time to evaluate the random items you’ve been collecting or hoarding over the years. Focus on the fun things to collect and create an organized space in your new home, but eliminate the unintentionally hoarded items.  

4. Let Go of Excess

Letting go can be challenging, but a move can put many people in the mindset of starting fresh and letting go of the past. Take the time to finally make peace with letting go of those things you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of before. Try to have the mindset that you are creating space for future opportunities. Some items can hold you back, and a new home provides the perfect situation to move on, literally and figuratively. 

5. Donate and Sell What you Can

Create piles for donating and selling as you unpack and figure out what you no longer want to keep. As you declutter, you’ll also be providing people with something they need and will appreciate. Selling some things will also give you more room in your budget for home renovations or groceries. 

6. Reduce Decision Fatigue with Support 

Not only are they useful in physically moving, but friends and family can also provide psychological support. Decluttering requires a lot of decisions, and it is easy to become fatigued. Having someone you can trust to support you and help carry the burden of deciding will make the process less stressful.  

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